Katie Little Photography; Pearland, Friendswood, Houston Area Senior Photographer; the REAL Michael Scott…

This session was so much fun. I think I held it together pretty well all things considered. But people- we were in a gorgeous field of gorgeous flowers with an AIRPLANE as a prop. (!!!!) It was super fun. FUN senior who said he wasn’t all that excited about this session and then rocked it. Fun parents who were willing to do the HAMMER dance to get him to smile. It was just fun!! Thank you, Scotts, for choosing me- and Michael, thank you for being awesome and making my job easy!

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I am (with this blog post) reinstating my old “30 comments on your blog post gets you a free 8×10″ deal! It must be 30 different people and you only have 5 days (in this case, time will be up Tuesday at midnight!). Go team!! Show the Scotts some love (even if you don’t know them!)

Pam Smithgall I think my favorite photo is the one on the truck tailgate. Of course, I love the one in the T shirt & how cool is that to have a photo with an airplane? Great photos of a great guy!
Duda Fulgham I really like the black & white ones!
Susan Cox They are all great! Patti, you are going to have a tough choice so just get them all!
Anna McDaniel i love the truck pictures the best!
Patti Scott We like that tailgate pic the best, looks like he is out in the middle of no where, with a pond and flowers. But, there is another one where MES is laughing at his dad's Hammer Time, we all agreed we needed a pic of that incredulous laugh. And I love the one of MES standing in the field~we have a couple of different angles on that also. And there is one of him standing at his truck hood with a genuine smile/laugh that is beautiful! And then there are the pics in/around the plane that are great too. And love the hay bale pics too. Can you see my predicament! Katie did such a great job! (Did u get a pic of the little bunny?)
Keesha Smith My favorite is the one with the hay bale bit they are all great!
Cookie Quinn The first pic says it all...Michael is very cool and handsome....
Lee Lacy great! Especially like the gentleman farmer poet one.
Tammy Fowler Great photos of a great guy. Good work, Katie!
Amber Richardson I think my favorite is the one with him sitting on the tailgate,but I also like the one of him sitting by the hay and the one standing by the airplane (in color)!!!!!they are all great!!
Duda Fulgham Love them all!
Leslie Kidd Awesome pictures! Very cool prop and great scenery too!
Donna Simpson Wow! Great photos! Michael looks great, Iove the 2nd and 7th ones. Such an amazing photographer!!!!!! :)
Carol Berger Great pictures. I don't know which on is my favorite!
Ashley Jones Nice photos. Hope to see you soon.
Heather Jones Such nice photos of Michael. I can't wait to see which ones you pick.