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This little girl is perfect! From her dark hair to her little pouty lips, she is an answer to (many) prayers and couldn’t be any more loved by her sweet parents. She is SO perfect, in fact, that my camera lens up and said “That is it! I can now retire. I have lived my life!” and jumped off my camera. Right in the middle of the session. THANKFULLY, my good friend Lindsay Harrell lives SUPER close and let me borrow her rockin’ camera, and thankfully our friends were super patient and cool about the whole thing.

Rohrs…I know I have kept you waiting in suspense 🙂 Here is a sneak peak at all of the gorgeousness that is your daughter!

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Seriously…I get all giddy when I get to use girly headbands and crocheted hats, but there really is nothing better than a sweet baby curled up on a blanket! My heart just kept melting going through these…

Can you believe this smile?!

I love the look on their faces! Can you tell they kinda like her?

Hope everyone is having a good week! Many more sneak peaks to come!

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