Pearland, Texas Family Photographer; The Thomas’

Meet our good friends the Thomas’! This was the most beautiful evening….no mosquitos, gorgeous lighting, and- key ingredient- a happy boy!

I had SUCH a hard time deciding on a few favorites that this is probably blog overload, but I hope yall L-O-V-E them as much as I do! 🙂

LOVE them!

5 thoughts on “Pearland, Texas Family Photographer; The Thomas’

  1. It isn’t blog overload and I would love to see the rest. I am Wes’ mother and these are great. Let me know how I can order some. They are beautiful. (the pictures and the subjects)
    Susan Thomas

  2. These are AMAZING! I love the rocking horse! I love the one with the hay in the mouth! I big time Heart the up close with the fuzzy hat! You are Awesome!!

  3. these are so great, katie. Cade did an amazing job. He’s so happy. i love the one of them “pushing” the bail of hay. That’s such creative thinking.

  4. They are ALL so great! You guys look beautiful and Cade looks like he should be modeling that hat in a magazine!

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