Pearland, Texas Maternity Photographer; The Cooks

What a gorgeous mom-to-be! She was nervous about the shoot (as well all are when it’s ourselves in front of the lens), but she totally rocked this session! All I can say is that I hope their baby has her dimples…yall are a beautiful couple! I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl- it’s not my kid and the anticipation is killing me! 🙂  Hope yall l-o-v-e these!

20 thoughts on “Pearland, Texas Maternity Photographer; The Cooks

  1. oops, eheh, thought i was posting for the picture, looks like it’s going to the whole batch… which are fabulous. my fave is the one of you two on the bench, second runner up is you sitting, cross legged on what looks like a rock and laughing.

  2. Wow, you look amazing!!! You look fantastic! So photogentic!! Lovely pictures, captures all of you!!

  3. What can a mother say! Kate you look beautiful ! If I had to choose one I would choose the one with the Ivy behind you.. but they are all so wonderful. I love the one of you sitting and laughing as well as the one of you Vince and Burton .. All beautiful pictures.. what is a mother to say about her only daughter about to become a mother herself..

  4. Awesome photography! I know who I’m going to call when it’s my turn! Kate, these really capture the essence of you being in love with Baby G & V. They truly show your beauty!

  5. Kate and Katie, beautiful subject and beautiful work. My favorite is the black and white on the bench followed closely by Kate standing at a door and the one of Kate and Vince.

  6. Kate,
    What a great MOM you are gonna be…Proud of YOU! love dad
    and of course the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world!!

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